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Brand Oxygen's brand development model has been created to support brand owners in the strategic development of their brands and the creation of effective category management solutions.

This unique model is underpinned by 3 key market levers - Insight, Creativity and Effectiveness and provides a robust methodology for strategic brand planning, brand communications, product development and product commercialisation programmes.

These 3 market levers are harnessed within a framework of powerful planning tools and creative processes that take a holistic approach to addressing the needs of a brand alongside those of its customers and its consumers.


Bespoke research programmes are undertaken on behalf of brand owners with leading service providers so that valuable consumer insights can be gained into their brands and their associated market categories.

Historic market research and category audit data is analysed and interpreted so that the best course of action can be identified for brand owners to realise their strategic brand goals.


The most effective brand solutions are based on the creative development of brands against a clear plan that has resulted from gaining key insights into the way that brands, customers and consumers truly interact.

The creative development module of the brand development model is specifically designed to release creative resources so that they can fully explore these key insights alongside unique and compelling brand attributes that can deliver winning products and services.


All project work is undertaken in partnership with brand owners in order to identify and short list the key performance indicators (such as key deliverables, project mile stones, decision gates and timelines) and key commercial targets (such as sales, distribution and brand share) as a benchmark to deem the success of each project.


Each project is fully managed by David Jones as either an integrated member of an existing business team or on a stand alone basis co-ordinating with external agencies and maintaining day to day contact by reporting directly to the project sponsor.

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